Find a place for BBQ

Today, while the sun is shining, a few friends and I took my parents to a barbecue.

Early in the morning, I started to prepare items, including snacks bought yesterday, condiments for barbecue, edible water, small chairs and so on. With things ready, my mother and I set off to join them and start our day's fun - BBQ.

We first went south along the Qinhuang River, and we played while walking. When we saw something interesting or good, we stopped to appreciate it for a while. After that, we drove to the outer ring and walked along the dam. We walked for a long time and didn't find a suitable place, and unknowingly we came to the way to the pontoon bridge, because we couldn't find a place to park for a barbecue, we all had the urge to cross the river to the other side, but this idea It was quickly dismissed, because we didn't know much about the situation over there, so we still decided to find a suitable place on the north bank of the Yellow River.

Prepare the food

The hard work pays off, and after we walked for a while, we finally found the best location with beautiful scenery and few people, mainly suitable for barbecue. When we stopped the car, we started to act separately. Some people took things from the car, some were looking for firewood, and some were building stoves and pots. The scene was lively. After everything is ready, we will start today's main event, making a fire and roasting meat. If you want to start the fire smoothly, you must first find some hay as a primer. After the hay is lit, put some bark and twigs. When the flame becomes larger, put the charcoal on it. When the charcoal gradually turns white, it means that the charcoal has been lit. on. At this time, the skewers, sausages, vegetables, etc. that have been skewered in advance can be used for grilling.

Fire and grill

An aunt and I are in charge of roasting meat. Roasting is a delicate job. If the fire is too high, the outside of the meat will be scorched but the inside will be undercooked. Therefore, controlling the size of the fire is the key. Keep flipping to make the meat fully cooked. I'm responsible for adding salt, barbecue sauce, cumin powder, etc. to the skewers. I put this one down and pick up that one. I feel a little overwhelmed, but I still think it's quite interesting. of. There is also an uncle who is stewing chicken wings.

After our joint efforts, everything was placed on the big mat, and finally we could eat. I held the meat skewer in one hand and the sausage in the other, and looked at the fruits of my labor. It is also very fragrant in the mouth.


Keep your BBQ safe with a fire blanket

Another very, very important thing in barbecuing in the wild is safety. Don't burn yourself while grilling, and more importantly, don't cause fire, don't stain the ground, and protect the environment. In the wild, forest fires are very dangerous, causing heavy casualties and huge property losses, which we cannot take responsibility for. So, we brought a really amazing piece of equipment, a barbecue mat, also called a fire blanket, which is made of a fire-resistant, flame-retardant material (ie, panox fiber) through a non-woven process , Put the fire blanket under the barbecue, which can prevent the ground from being dirty, and more importantly, it can prevent the occurrence of fire.

Here we remind the vast number of barbecue friends to pay attention to safety while enjoying the food.


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