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What is Aerogel insulation felt

Aerogel insulation felt is a flexible felt made of SiO₂ aerogel and various fibers (glass fiber, polyester fiber, pre-oxygen fiber), and adopts the process of sol-gel in-situ compounding. Aerogel insulation felt has a wide range of applicable temperatures (by compounding with different substrates), from -200°C low temperature to 650°C high temperature.

What is Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation felt

Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation felt is reinforced aerogel felt by OPAN fiber, it is composed of oxidized fiber and silica aerogel. It’s a new thermal insulation product that has outstanding heat and flame resistance.

  1. OPAN fiber is a chemically resistant fiber having high temperature resistance.  The density of oxidized fiber is lower than glass and ceramic fibers and it’s much easier to process, without causing generation of broken filaments.

  2. Silica aerogels have high porosity (80-99.8%) with typical pore sizes between 1 - 100nm.  Its specific surface area is (200-1000m²/g) and bulk density can be as low as 3 kg/m³. Silica aerogels have outstanding insulation properties and are known to have the lowest thermal conductivity of all solid materials.

    hydrophobic Aerogel insulation felt


Thick silica aerogel, 10mm.

The excellent properties of Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation felt

  1. Exceptionally Low Thermal Conductivity:  0.020 W/(m·K), at room temperature,  Its insulation performance is 3-5 times better than traditional thermal insulation materials.

  2. Fire Resistant and Hydrophobic:  Achieves the national class A non-combustible standard for building materials and it has a water repellency rate ≥99%.

  3. Lightweight and High Strength:  The product has a bulk density of ~200kg/m³, good flexibility and tensile strength.

  4. Weather Resistance:  These aerogel insulation barriers do not easily disintegrate or change over time.  Its service life can reach more than 10 years, 3-5 times longer than traditional insulation materials.

  5. Easily Processed: This product is easily die cut with conventional cutting tools into desired shapes suitable for complex parts.

  6. Safe and Corrosion Resistant: The product effectively prevents penetration of liquid water and inhibits corrosion of items protected by the insulation layer.

  7. Health and Environmentally Friendly:  The product passed RoHS test standards and does not contain substances harmful to the humans.

Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation products

  1. Needled felts are specially processed with silica aerogels and then encapsulated with polyimide or other thermoplastic films, glass fiber cloth, aluminum foil or other materials, according to each end use requirements.

  2. Customized shapes and thicknesses, according to the end use, can be tailor made for petroleum and petrochemical thermal insulation, new energy battery insulation barriers, electrical and electronic insulation, industrial equipment insulation and in other insulation markets.

    Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation products

The excellent parameters of Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation felt

Composite aerogel insulation materials are prepared by processing oxidized felt with an impregnating aerogel sol, followed by solvent replacement and supercritical drying.  The final composite product has low thermal conductivity, good flexibility, high tensile strength and inherent flame and heat resistance.

The excellent parameters of Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation felt

The broad application range of Silica aerogel impregnated OX insulation felt

        1. General Automotive – Heat Insulation:

General Automotive – Heat Insulation

    2. Electric Vehicles – Passenger Compartment Fire Protection:

Electric Vehicles – Passenger Compartment Fire Protection

    3. Electric Vehicles – Battery Cell Runaway Thermal Barriers:

Electric Vehicles – Battery Cell Runaway Thermal Barriers

    4. Other applications

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