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Product description: Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt

Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt is a kind of flexible thermal insulation felt which is made of pre-oxidized fiber as base material and composited with SiO2 aerogel powder through nanocomposite process. It can provide the best thermal insulation effect and energy saving economic value at the temperature of 650.The material has the properties of thermal insulation, flame retardant and fire prevention, water repellency and breathability, good flexibility, easy cutting, safety and environmental protection, etc. It is the most ideal thermal insulation material.

Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt

The main properties of Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt

  1. Thinner insulation thickness: the material thickness is thin (only 1-3mm), which is 1/5-1/3 of the traditional material thickness, saving space;

  2. Higher thermal insulation performance: ultra-low thermal conductivity, excellent thermal insulation effect;

  3. Fire retardant: flame retardant reaches V0 level;

  4. Completely hydrophobic: waterproof, impermeable, crack-resistant, shock-resistant;

  5. Longer service life: strong anti-aging ability, the service life is 8~10 times that of conventional materials;

  6. Green and safe: no toxic and harmful gases are released under high temperature conditions.

    The main properties of Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt

Application fields of Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt

  1. Prefabricated insulation pipes

  2. Insulation of storage tanks, containers and other equipment

  3. Oil extraction steam pipeline

  4. Pipelines of thermal power plants, petrochemical plants and chemical plants

  5. Body insulation of high-speed trains, subways, etc.

  6. Fire and heat insulation for buildings and new energy vehicles.

    For New energy vehicle(Electric Vehicles ) power battery

It is suitable for the thermal insulation of Electric Vehicles  battery modules, the thermal protection of battery cells, the overall thermal insulation of the vehicle body and the battery shell, and the thermal management of thermal insulation products in small spaces such as projectors and household appliances. Special flame retardant clothing, thermal insulation curtains, tents and other interlayer materials.

As the main component of the battery pack of a new energy vehicle, the battery module is generally composed of different numbers of cells in series or parallel through conductive sheets. However, when the batteries are closely arranged to form a battery module, an extreme situation occurs in a certain battery. In the event of overheating, exhaust gas or fire, the exhausted heat will affect the adjacent batteries, causing the adjacent batteries to also experience thermal runaway.

Application fields of Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt for electric vehicle battery

Therefore, in order to improve the safety of the battery module and avoid thermal diffusion between the cells, an aerogel thermal insulation material is arranged between the cells to ensure that when a single battery is thermally out of control, it will not affect the adjacent batteries.

Application fields of Silica aerogel impregnated OX felt

Learn more about the aerogel felt:

Silica aerogel is a highly dispersed solid three-dimensional nanomaterial with special microstructures such as high specific surface area, nanoscale pores, and low density, making it outstanding in thermal, electrical, acoustic, optical and other fields. Known as "the magical material that changed the world".

Among the many properties of aerogel, the most mature and widely used is its thermal insulation performance. Aerogel is currently known as the solid material with the best thermal insulation effect. The special structure of aerogel can hinder all the ways of heat transmission, including heat conduction, heat convection, heat radiation.

SiO2 aerogel material has a very low thermal conductivity, which can reach 0.013-0.016W/(m•K), which is lower than that of static air (0.024W/(m•K)), and its thermal insulation performance is the same as that of traditional inorganic thermal insulation. more than three times the material. After SiO2 aerogel is compounded with various heat-resistant fibers, it can be made into various forms of thermal insulation materials, which can be widely used in industry, construction, pipelines, automobiles, aerospace and other fields.

what is the aerogel felt like?

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