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Product Properties

  1. Excellent flame retardant properties, this yarn made from 100% panox, has very good flame retardance property, the limited oxygen index is more than 45%, self-extinguishing

  2. No melt, no drip properties, flame resistant with self-extinguish nature and non-melt drip characteristic.

  3. Excellent high temperature resistance, can be used continuously in a very wide temperature range from -196°C to 300 °C, it has no decomposing or melting at 600 °C.

  4. High strength, no difference in tensile strength when wet or dry

  5. Chemical resistance, very good acid and alkali resistant

Technical Data


100% panox yarn Yarn Count: 20S2
Pattern:  Dyed Weight : 1kg/cone, 4000 meters/cone
Yarn Type:
Spun CV Strength: 4.27%
Breaking Strength: 4.3CN/TEX Breaking Elongation%: 13.59%
Breaking Strength(cN): 431 Breaking Elongation: 67.95mm
Technical Data


100% panox yarn
Pattern:  Dyed
Yarn Type:
Breaking Strength: 4.3CN/TEX
Breaking Strength(cN): 431
Yarn Count: 20S2
Weight : 1kg/cone, 4000 meters/cone
CV Strength: 4.27%
Breaking Elongation%: 13.59%
Breaking Elongation: 67.95mm

Product Description

    Pre-oxidized Pan Yarn was made by Pre-Oxidized Pan which is an oxidized polyacrylonitrile (PAN) fiber which does not burn, melt, soften or drip. As an internationally recognized industry standard for non-flammable textile fibers, Pre-Oxidized Pan can be used in many different fields as an effective protection against fire and heat. The LOI value of Pre-Oxidized Pan is above 45%, is considerably higher than that of other fibers and corresponds to combustion class S-a according to DIN 66083.

    Pre-oxidized Pan Yarn was made by pre-oxidized Pan fiber with ring spun process. Limit oxygen index is above 45%, with excellent thermal stability, no melting no drip , no softening shrinkage, it has excellent flame retardant, high temperature resistance and heat insulation functions.

    We choose the A grade pre-oxidized Pan fiber to produce the preox yarn, such as SGL panox fiber, Zoltek OX fiber.

Product Details
Content: 100% panox yarn
Specification : 20s/2, 1000g/cone, other yarn sizes 36s/3 20s/3, 30s/3, 20s/1, 20s/2 etc. are available and customized thread size is acceptable 
Color: Black

Sewing, Cross Stitch, Embroidey,Hand Knitting, Weaving


Low Shrinkage, High Temperature Resistant, Chemical-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant, flame retardant

MOQ: 10 kilograms 
Meet standard : AATCC/ASTM, EN, ISO, GB, AS
Application : Used for protective clothing, flame retardant curtains, Fire Blanket, Gloves

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