• TFP at China composites show

    China carbon fiber trade fair plans to exhibit its nonwoven products for composites at the China Composites Expo, taking place from 2–4 September in Shanghai.


  • Focus on composites automation

    Composites Europe, taking place from 10-12 September in Stuttgart, Germany, will focus on automation in materials processing, according to the organizers.


  • Aerogel: Analysis of the "Heat Insulation" Industry Chain

    Aerogel is the solid material with the lowest thermal conductivity and the lowest density. It has a long service life, heat insulation, high fire resistance.


  • Types of special high-performance glass fibers for aviation

    The glass fibers used in aviation are mainly high-strength glass fibers, quartz glass fibers and alkali-free glass fibers.


  • The global aramid fiber market size is expected to reach USD 7.488 billion by 2030

    The global aramid fiber market size was valued at USD 3.748 billion in 2021 and is expected to reach USD 7.488 billion by 2030.


  • If Abe wears UHMWPE body armor, will the situation change?

    UHWMPE is a thermoplastic material with a linear structure. It has overall performance akin to engineering substances.


  • Carbon fiber and resin production capacity of Japan Toray Company

    Carbon fiber and resin production capacity and global capacity distribution of Toray Corporation of Japan (2022 edition)


  • Summary of global carbon fiber manufacturers

    Summary list of global carbon fiber composite manufacturing companies.


  • Japan three major carbon fiber manufacturers

    Japan three major carbon fiber manufacturers, including Japan Toray Co., Ltd., Japan Teijin Co., Ltd. Toho Tenax, Japan Mitsubishi Chemical Co., Ltd.


  • Teijin Aramid plans to increase Twaron aramid yarn production capacity by more than 25%

    The demand for Teijin's high-performance para-aramid fiber Twaron has been increasing and the market outlook is optimistic.


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