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What is Polyimide Chopped Fiber and Its Usage

Fibers are made by dry spinning technology and used as a reinforcement in composites to extend the life of composites, especially for polyimide fiber paper.


The Property of the Polyimide Chopped Fiber

  1. Excellent flame retardant performance, limiting oxygen index > 38%, non-combustible fiber;

  2. High and low temperature resistance, can be used for a long time below 300 °C, thermal decomposition temperature exceeds 567 °C, and is not brittle in -269 °C liquid nitrogen;

  3. It will be carbonized but not melted at high temperature, and the smoke density is 1/200 of the Chinese aviation standard;

  4. Thermal insulation, thermal conductivity is only 0.03W/m°C, which is equivalent to air;

  5. It also has excellent properties such as insulation, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance, radiation resistance, and ultraviolet resistance, as well as cashmere-like feel, good spinnability and skin-friendly;

  6. Natural antibacterial, the effect is much better than bamboo fiber;

  7. With natural far-infrared health care function, the normal emissivity is as high as 0.88.

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