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What is polyimide staple fiber and its usage.

Polyimide staple fiber maintains the flame retardant of the fiber body while maintaining the dyeability, high temperature carbonization and non-melting droplet, extremely low combustion flue gas and almost non-toxic, good dimensional stability, high and low temperature resistance, radiation resistance, heat preservation, natural antibacterial and far-infrared and many other excellent properties.

It also has excellent properties such as insulation, weather resistance, acid and alkali resistance,  and ultraviolet resistance, as well as cashmere-like feel, good spinnability and skin-friendly

Products can be used in special flame retardant protection, high temperature filtration, industrial heat insulation and civilian clothing, home textiles and health care and other fields.


The Property of Staple polyimide

  1. Heat stability: the long-term use temperature of the paper is 260℃ and the electrical and mechanical properties are not affected. The fiber can be used in higher temperature in short time.

  2. High and low temperature resistance, it can be used for a long time below 260 °C, the thermal decomposition temperature exceeds 567 °C, and it will not be brittle in liquid nitrogen at -269 °C;

  3. Thermal insulation, thermal conductivity is only 0.03W/m℃, which is equivalent to air

  4. Flame retardant: carbonized directly without burning under high temperature, the LOI is more than 38%

  5. Excellent quality control system makes the product quality is very good and stable.

  6. Mechanical performance: the fabric made from polyimide is abrasion-proof and has higher strength.

  7. Chemical property: because of unique chemical structure and dry spinning technology, our polyimide fiber has better chemical resistance compared with other high performance fiber.

  8. lrradiation resistance: because of the excellent irradiation resistance, polyimide fiber is the best material used in aerospace.

  9. Dimensional stability: the dry heat shrinkage(280℃,30min) of polyimide fiber is less than 1%, which can guarantee the dimensional stability of filter bag.

  10. Dyeing performance, with good dyeability, color fastness of 4-5. Compared with aramid meta aramid, the advantages are more obvious.



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