The principle of fire extinguishing of fire blankets

fireproof blanket

Fire blankets, also known as fire quilts, fireproof blanket, emergency fire blanket, fire protection blanket etc., are woven from non-combustible fibers and other materials through special treatment, which can isolate heat sources and flames. Escape is a common fire fighting tool in the family.

The fire extinguishing principle of the fire blanket is to extinguish the fire by covering the fire source or the igniting material and blocking the contact between the air and the igniting material.

  1.  Classification of fire blankets

    Classification by substrate: due to the different base fabrics used, it is divided into pure cotton fire blanket, asbestos fire blanket, glass fiber fire blanket, high silica fire blanket, carbon fiber fire blanket, ceramic fiber fire blanket, etc.

    Classification by use: household fire blankets, industrial fire blankets, etc.

  2. Types and specifications of fire blankets

    The preparation of fire blanket models should meet the following requirements:

    The common length series of fire blankets are 1000mm, 3200mm, l500mm and 1800mm; the common width series of fire blankets are 1000mm, 1200mm and 1500mm.

  3. The choice of fire blanket

    The fire blanket can be reused without damage. Compared with water-based fire extinguishers and dry powder fire extinguishers, it has the advantages of no expiration date, no secondary pollution after use, insulation, high temperature resistance, easy portability, and light use.

    Fire blankets are mainly used in enterprises, shopping malls, ships, automobiles, civil buildings and other occasions as a simple fire fighting tool. It is especially suitable for kitchens, hotels, gas stations, entertainment places and other places that are prone to fire in homes and restaurants. At the same time, the fire blanket can also be used as an escape protection tool.

How to use the fire blanket

Fix or place the fire blanket on the wall or in the drawer where it is obvious and easy to access.

In the event of a fire, take out the fire blanket quickly and hold the two black pull straps with both hands (pay attention to protect your hands).

Shake off the fire blanket gently, and hold the fire blanket in your hand like a shield.

Quickly and completely cover the fire blanket on the fire (such as oil pan), minimize the gap between the fire blanket and the fire, and reduce the contact between the air and the fire. At the same time, actively take other fire-fighting measures until the flame is completely extinguished

After the blanket has cooled, remove the blanket. After use, a layer of ash will be produced on the surface of the fire blanket, which can be wiped with a dry cloth.

Fire blankets can also be draped on the body at critical moments for self-protection in a short period of time.

After the fire blanket is used, it should be folded neatly and put back in its original position.

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