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     Product Properties

  1. Excellent flame retardant properties, the limiting oxygen index(LOI) is over 29%, start to carbonise and decompose above 370℃

  2. Excellent high temperature resistance, It is able to work for a long period of time under acid base in 204℃, 70% strength of threads remains after being in 260℃ for 900 hours

  3. Chemical stability, has a high resistance to weak acid, weak base and the majority of organic solvents

  4. Good textile properties, high resistance to breakage and its high break elongation ratio guaranteed the end product with high intensity, good product longevity, and better tolerance to injection

  5. No Melt Drip properties, flame resistant with self-extinguish nature and non-melt drip characteristic.

  6. High Strength and low weight, excellent strength-to-weight ratio

  7. Electrically non-conductive

  8. Long, well-defined lifetime

Technical Data


95% meta aramid, 5% para aramid Yarn Count: 20s2
Pattern:  Dyed Weight : 1kg/cone
Yarn Type:
Spun CV Breaking Strength: 5.18%
Breaking Strength Tenacity: 33.75cN/tex Breaking Elongation%: 26.01%
Breaking Strength(cN): 2353 Twist 42T/10cm
Technical Data


95% meta aramid, 5% para aramid
Pattern:  Dyed
Yarn Type: Spun
Breaking Strength Tenacity: 33.75cN/tex
Breaking Strength(cN): 2353
Yarn Count: 20s2
Weight : 1kg/cone
CV Breaking Strength: 5.18%
Breaking Elongation%: 26.01%
Twist: 42T/10cm

Product Description

    Para aramid fiber (Technora, Kevlar, Twaron, Taparan) and meta aramid (Nomex, Tametar etc.) blended yarn (The proportion of the two fibers can be customized according to the requirements) for example: Composition: 95% meta-aramid, 5% para-aramid

    High modulus and abrasion resistance, flame and temperature resistance, High strength, 5 times of steel , good Chemical stability and high thermal stability, lightweight, high-performance, and high-tenacity, bulletproof, Tear-Resistant, High LOI value (limiting oxygen index), Excellent flammability classification, Ideal for textile processing, excellent Tensile, blending and handling characteristics, no melt drip properties. It has outstanding flame retardant property and will not melt in high temperature of 210℃ for ten years above. It is mainly applied in such fields as base cloth of filtering materials with high temperature resistance and electronics dielectric materials, and various protective clothing.

Product Details
Content: 5% para aramid, 95% meta aramid
Specification : 20s/2, 1000g/cone, other yarn sizes 36s/3 20s/3, 30s/3, 20s/1, 20s/2 etc. are available and customized thread size is acceptable 
Color: Yellow, Red, Cream, Black, Grey, Blue, Orange, Khaki etc., Customized color is available 

Sewing, Cross Stitch, Embroidey,Hand Knitting, Weaving


Radiation resistance, mechanical stability, electrical insulation, Low Shrinkage, High Temperature Resistant, Chemical-Resistant, Abrasion-Resistant, High Tenacity, flame retardant, self-extinguishing, high cut resistance, flame retardant

MOQ: 10 kilograms 
Meet standard : AATCC/ASTM, EN, ISO, GB, AS
Application : Used for protective clothing, gloves, PPE products, firefighter uniform, flame retardant curtains, fire blanket, anti-cut gloves, fireproof suits

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