The Russian-Ukrainian war has been going on for more than a month since it broke out on February 24, 2022. It is the largest land war since World War II. It is a war involving two major powers. Russia has a population of more than 140 million, Ukraine has a population of more than 40 million, and the two sides have invested a total of more than 400,000 troops. However, from the perspective of casualties, the number of casualties is still relatively small, the Russian Ministry of Defense said. At present, the Russian army lost a total of 5,176 people, of which 1,351 soldiers were killed and 3,825 were injured; Ukraine lost about 30,000 people, including 14,000 dead and 16,000 wounded. Before this, the outside world had different opinions on the casualties of the Russian army. The Ukrainian side said that the Russian army casualties had reached 26,000. The general view was that the Russian casualties were more than 10,000, but the figures released by the Russian side were much less than outside speculation.

        During World War II, millions of people may die in a single battle. The victory of World War II is mainly based on the scale of personnel, and the number of troops is ultimately the decisive factor for victory. In this Russian-Ukrainian war, the number of troops invested by both sides is actually almost equal, and the decisive factor for victory is the use of high technology in equipment.

        At present, military high-tech can be mainly divided into 6 major new technology groups, namely electronic information, new materials, new energy, biotechnology, aerospace technology and marine technology. Each high-tech field contains thousands of high-tech . These six major technology groups penetrate each other. Crossing each other, new disciplines and technologies are constantly emerging, and they are all applied to the military.

        Classification of military high technology: From the perspective of the relationship between military high technology and weapons and equipment, military high technology can be divided into two categories. One is the basic technology that supports the development of weapons and equipment, mainly including microelectronic technology, optoelectronic technology, computer technology, New material technology, high-performance propulsion and power technology, simulation technology, advanced manufacturing technology, etc.; the second is the application technology that is directly used in weapons and equipment to make it have a certain function, mainly including reconnaissance and surveillance technology, camouflage and stealth technology, precision Guidance technology, information warfare technology, command and control system technology, military aerospace technology, drone, chemical and biological weapons technology, new concept weapon technology, etc.

        From the perspective of the role of high-tech, the first is to enhance the attack ability and anti-strike ability of weapons and equipment, and the second is to improve the soldier's individual combat ability and improve the soldier's protection ability. War is difficult to avoid. After all, the earth is so big, and the resources and energy on the earth are limited. It is inevitable that human beings will fight for the living space to break out the war. But we can use high technology to keep soldiers safe, reduce deaths and injuries, and make war less brutal. Bulletproof vests and bulletproof helmets are the most practical technologies to protect the safety of soldiers. The use of new materials, especially the use of aramid fibers in bulletproof vests, has ensured the safety of soldiers. Aramid fiber is divided into para-aramid and meta-aramid. Para-aramid has high strength, cutting resistance and wear resistance, and is mainly used in the outer layer of bulletproof clothes. The strength of meta-aramid is slightly lower, but it has good softness and comfort, and is mainly used for the inner layer.

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        At present, high technology has affected all aspects of military equipment, especially the application of new materials has a very obvious effect on the improvement of equipment level. Every technological innovation of new materials will improve equipment by one level. For example, the application of carbon fiber in military equipment is becoming more and more common. Carbon fiber can be used in the fuselage, wings, engine blades, etc. of the aircraft, which not only increases the strength of the aircraft, but also greatly reduces the weight of the fighter, which significantly improves the the combat capability of the aircraft.

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         There are many reasons for war in human history, some are for territory, some are for wealth, some are for ideology and belief. Generally speaking, the reason for war is that there are irreconcilable contradictions between the two countries, which must be solved by the form of war. But some wars are indeed avoidable and should not happen, such as a war between El Salvador and Honduras over a football match.

        Today's Russian-Ukrainian war is also a completely avoidable war. The two sides have no territorial disputes, no interest disputes, and no resource disputes. The reason for the war is the mutual mistrust and vigilance of the two sides, as well as the worries about the future, and the war broke out because of worry. Russia fears that Ukraine will join NATO in the future, thus putting its own security at risk. Ukraine is worried that Russia is annexing Crimea and will further annex Ukraine in the future, and wants to join NATO to protect itself. If Trump were president, this war would not have broken out. This war is a war between Europe and the United States, which is closely united with Russia for Ukraine. If Trump were president, this war would not happen. First of all, Trump's relationship with Europe is not very good, and he has always wanted to decouple from Europe. At the same time, he believes that we should have a good relationship with Russia, and even want to deal with China together with Russia. It needs to be reminded that the deterioration of Sino-US relations was produced during Trump's term, and as he has emphasized many times, He and Putin have a good personal relationship and friendship. The friendship between politicians will profoundly affect the political relationship between the two sides.

        Although war is difficult to avoid in reality, our development of high-end weapons can reduce war as much as possible and play a deterrent role. Even if war does come, it can play a role in protecting itself. Therefore, the development of high technology, especially information technology and new material technology, is the never-ending pursuit of various countries, and high technology plays a decisive role in weapons and equipment.

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