In the field of water racing, today's yacht manufacturers face increasingly stringent performance requirements, whether for yachts or high-speed jet skis. In particular, today's sails need to be safer, lighter, stronger and more durable than ever. In addition, they had to maintain a difficult balance - maintaining their shape during sailing upwind while retaining enough flexibility to make them durable.

Due to the ultra-light weight of the aramid material, it can be used to make lighter sails, allowing boats to move faster than ever and use less energy during stowage. What's more, a high-modulus crafted sail has less stretch – so the sail retains its shape no matter how strong the wind is. But that's thanks to the durability and extra strength that aramid provides.

 aramid fiber applications

In surfing, surfers often face tough conditions: rough seas, unpredictable sea conditions and extreme temperature changes. In a competitive environment, the smallest differences can decide who wins and who loses. To stand out, a surfboard must perform at its best, no matter the weather, including the roughest waves, the fiercest winds and the coldest waters. Most importantly, they have to keep surfers safe - every time without fail. With aramid material, surfboards are more comfortable and durable than ever. Aramid's stiffness allows the board to withstand the toughest impacts, which allows surfers to jump higher and fly longer without risking breakage or injury. Also, the reduced shock and vibration protects the surfer's knees, making them more comfortable. And, thanks to the exceptional durability of our materials, the resulting surfboards are built to last.

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  In addition, the ropes on sailboats are the safety belts of sailboats and are the item with the highest safety level requirements, and Aramid meets the needs of manufacturers looking to provide top product performance. It is eight times stronger than steel and has a high modulus, as well as high heat and chemical resistance. Due to its high performance, this fiber is mainly used in industrial and reinforcement applications. So the rope made of aramid is strong and durable.

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