The strength of high-strength glass fiber is 30% to 40% higher than that of E glass fiber, and the elastic modulus is 16% to 20% higher. In the early stage of product research and development, there were only two types of plain weave fabrics and commercial yarns. Later, high-strength/carbon fiber, high-strength/quartz fiber blended fabrics, as well as high-strength yarn woven fabrics, multi-axial fabrics, three-dimensional fabrics, etc. were developed. series of products. Compared with carbon fiber and aramid fiber, high-strength glass fiber has obvious cost-effective advantages, and has been widely used in defense and military industry, aviation, ships, high-pressure vessels, chemical pipelines and petroleum industry equipment.

glass fiber application

Application in national defense and military industry. There are more than 70 kinds of main parts and components such as missile wing barrels and artillery fuzes made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics, and the actual combat effect is good. At the same time, my country has also successfully developed several rocket engine casings, which have very good heat and heat insulation effects and can ensure the normal operation of the engine. In addition, the FRP helmet made of high-strength glass fiber has a bulletproof rate of more than 90%, which is generally appreciated by the military industry.

Application in the aviation industry. High-strength glass fiber reinforced plastics can be used to make helicopter blades and aircraft tires. Aircraft landing gear and radomes can be manufactured from high-strength glass fiber cloth and roving.

Application in the shipbuilding industry. The propeller blades made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced nylon can be used in 8.5m lifeboats and 50t reefer ships. The diameter of this composite propeller blade is 1 600mm, and it is formed by compound injection method. It has high specific strength, good rigidity, strong corrosion resistance, accurate product geometry, good reproducibility and high surface finish, which can reduce the wear of the main engine shaft system. , can improve the blade efficiency, the speed has been increased, the fuel consumption and vibration performance have been greatly improved.

Application in high pressure vessels. High-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic can manufacture 7 kinds of aviation cylinders, including 2.3L, 4.0L, 4.4L, 8.0L, 15L, 20L and 40L. This type of gas cylinder has excellent characteristics such as high pressure resistance, light weight and good performance stability, and the highest air pressure can reach 125-170kg/cm2. High-strength glass fiber untwisted roving is used for dry winding, and then impregnated with resin. The high-pressure container made of it has high compressive strength and good rigidity. The burst pressure can reach 600kg/cm2 or more. 620 ~ 680kg/cm2, after being inflated (the pressure is 250kg) and stored for half a year, and then pumping up to 600kg/cm2 without blasting.

Applications in the petroleum industry. The oil deep well detector is made of high-strength glass fiber reinforced plastic. The detector consists of a 3.9m long solid FRP rod, a 1.1m long hollow FRP pipe and 3 sets of test devices. It can quickly determine various technical parameters of deep wells.

The operating environment of the detector is harsh. It needs to work in a well as deep as 7000m and the temperature is as high as 200℃. This requires the detector to have good high temperature resistance, high voltage resistance, tensile strength and good electrical insulation performance. .

Application in chemical industry. Using high-strength glass powder to strengthen PTFE to make mechanical seals can greatly improve the wear resistance of the seals.

In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy and the continuous improvement of scientific and technological level, the application of high-strength glass fiber will become more and more broad, and the market prospect is widely optimistic!

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