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Parameters of unidirectional carbon fabric:

This kind of unidirectional carbon fabric is mainly used for building reinforcement, because most of the time, building reinforcement only requires force in one direction. Because the carbon fibers are not intertwined by each other, unlike two-way fabrics, so the carbon fibers will not be pulled in the other direction. The breaking strength will not loss.

Carbon fiber T400/T700 12K
200, 300, 400gsm
Structure UD, unidirectional
Application Construction reinforcement
Feature High strength

Technical data sheet

Definition of carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric

Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric is a modern structural material composed of carbon fiber and resin. It is constructed on the construction site through wet paving or heat curing paving. Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric can effectively improve the strength, stability, earthquake resistance and wind resistance of concrete structures with insufficient load-bearing capacity.

Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric is a fiber composite material with lightweight, high strength and high elastic modulus. Among the widely used carbon fiber composite materials, its application field is more specialized, mainly used for the reinforcement and repair of buildings and public facilities. It has relatively good bending, shearing and compression properties.

Characteristics of carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric

1. High strength

Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric has the characteristics of high strength and is stronger than steel. During use, it can provide excellent tensile and compressive strength, giving the reinforced building better strength and stability.

2. Lightweight and easy to carry and construct.

The lightweight characteristics of carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric can reduce the difficulty of handling and construction. It can be easily transported to the construction site without special tools and vehicles, making it easy for construction workers to operate.

3. Good durability

Because the carbon fiber reinforced material uses advanced epoxy resin technology, it has excellent durability. During use, the strength and performance of carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric will not decrease over time.

4. Easy to design and construct

Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric adopts digital design and on-site manufacturing technology. It is very precise in design and manufacturing, which can ensure the reinforcement and repair of high-quality buildings.

5. Good plasticity

Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric has good plasticity and can be designed in different layouts according to different project needs. During reinforcement and repair processes, carbon fiber building reinforcement fabrics can perfectly conform to the shape and surface geometry of the reinforced structure.

Application scope of carbon fiber building reinforcement fabric 

Carbon fiber building reinforcement fabrics are widely used in various civil engineering, manufacturing and shipbuilding industries. At present, the more common application areas include: reinforcement, reinforcement or repair of buildings and bridges; manufacturing of extrusion molds; reinforcement and repair of ships; reinforcement of wind power towers and transmission towers, etc.

All in all, carbon fiber building reinforcement fabrics play an important role in construction, transportation, manufacturing and other fields. It is often used as a reinforcement material for existing structures, which can effectively extend the service life of the structure and prevent major safety accidents.





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