#Air Duct# The bag air duct system is a flexible air distribution system made of special fibers. It mainly relies on the unique air outlet mode of fiber penetration and nozzle jets to uniformly discharge air.

Bag duct

 Where are the bag air ducts generally used?

  1. Supermarkets

    Supermarket air duct can save investment, be recyclable, save installation cycle, simple maintenance, clean and uniform air supply, beautiful appearance and low noise.

  2. Gymnasium

    The material can be anti-corrosion, suitable for water sports, simple installation and maintenance, uniform air supply, very suitable for small balls and swimming pools, can supply air at a fixed point, various colors, and matching decoration.

  3. Food factory

    It can be cleaned at any time, has excellent filtering effect, the material can be clean, anti-static and anti-corrosion, and the air supply is uniform.

  4. Exhibition hall

    The exhibition center is equipped with an air distribution pipe, which is convenient for demolition, installation and maintenance, beautiful and generous, can be used for publicity, uniform and clean air supply, and can be recycled to reduce the load-bearing of the steel structure.

  5. Purification system

    The air ducts in the purification system have high requirements, and the grades are in the thousands, 10,000, and 100,000 grades. They have high requirements for the ventilation system and high environmental products. The purification air duct of the bag air duct is also used in the purification space. widely recognized.

  6. Ecological greenhouse

    Since the ecological greenhouses are all steel frame structures, the material of the air distribution pipes is light and has no effect on the load-bearing. The air distribution is uniform, which is to provide a good production environment for the mushroom production inside.

The bag air duct has a wide range of applications and is suitable for a variety of spaces.

Because of its uniform air supply, the color can be matched with the environment, anti-condensation,

Easy to clean, clean, quiet, noise reduction, light weight, short construction period, reliable quality, energy saving, environmental protection and economy,

It will be applied to more fields in the future.


 How to do thermal insulation for steam turbine?

If the steam turbine is not well insulated, the uneven temperature of the outer casing will cause local thermal stress of the metal, resulting in thermal deformation of the components, reducing the thermal efficiency of the steam turbine, or even damaging the machine and unable to operate.

Therefore, it is very necessary to carry out thermal insulation treatment.

Detachable thermal insulation jackets are tailored for different specifications of steam turbines to achieve safe production, energy saving and environmental protection, low cost and low consumption, and more meet the needs of modern enterprise construction.

Tailored according to the overall dimensions of the steam turbine, it is easy to disassemble, has good toughness, high reuse rate, clean and beautiful appearance, waterproof and anti-corrosion, safety and environmental protection.

Can Car Fire Blankets Really Save Lives?

Imagine a new energy vehicle catches fire in a parking lot, car carrier, highway, passenger ferry, charging or even a forklift in a warehouse

How do you extinguish or reduce the spread of fire?

The fire blanket for quickly extinguishing spontaneous combustion vehicles is made of special high temperature resistant cloth coated with fire resistant silicone fabric.

Car fire blankets can bring enough time to evacuate people and clear the surrounding area, and wait for the arrival of water sources. It is the only solution to effectively control and isolate electric vehicle fires, and reduce personal injury and property damage to yourself and the surrounding area.

Car fire blankets can be placed in 4S shops, parking lots, garages, gas stations, electric vehicle charging piles, and car carriers, etc.

car fire blanket

 What is the non-metallic expansion joint fabric skin material?

Non-metallic expansion joints have the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, noise reduction and vibration reduction, good thermal insulation and energy saving performance, etc., and are especially suitable for hot air pipes and smoke pipes and other fields.

The variety of non-metallic skin materials is applicable to many working conditions. There are two types of non-metallic skins according to the material and application. One is silicone cloth skin, and the other is fluorine rubber cloth skin.

Silicone coated fiberglass cloth is made of fireproof, high temperature resistant and high-strength fiberglass cloth as the base material, which is coated, calendered or impregnated with silicone rubber of big manufacturers and subjected to high temperature heat vulcanization.

Fluorocarbon tape has certain properties of chemical resistance and excellent weathering resistance.

Smoke prevention is more important than fire prevention, you must know the importance of smoke blocking and fire curtains!

In recent years, in many fire sites, the disappearance of life is not only because of the fire problem, but also because of the toxicity of gas, causing a large number of casualties.

Therefore, people pay special attention to smoke prevention and exhaust now. As long as it is a densely populated place, it is necessary to install smoke-blocking and vertical fire curtains.

The fire-proof smoke-blocking curtain is a fire-proof and heat-insulation facility suitable for the fire-proof partition partition of large-space buildings.

Widely used in fire partition areas of industrial and civil buildings,

It can effectively prevent the spread of fire and protect the safety of life and property. It is an important fire prevention facility in modern buildings.

The special curtain for smoke-blocking hanging wall is mainly made of inorganic fire-resistant glass fiber and processed by silica gel or polyurethane coating.

The main specifications are silicone cloth and polyurethane coated cloth, which are fireproof, flame retardant and have good smoke blocking effect.

Good chemical resistance, oil resistance, water resistance, and can be scrubbed.

emergency fire blanket

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