Pre-oxidized fiber is a black fiber formed by air oxidation of polyacrylonitrile fiber at a certain temperature to form a partial cyclic structure, and is an intermediate product of carbon fiber. The density is about 1.40g/cm3. The intensity is 1.4 cN/dtex. The elongation is 23%. The modulus is 5GPa. The limiting oxygen index is 40-60. The decomposition temperature is ≥640°C. The moisture regain is 9%. The preparation method is obtained by pre-oxidizing the polyacrylonitrile filament bundle in the air at 200-300 °C.

01 【Features 】

Features: fire prevention,self-extingu flame retardant, heat insulation, ishing after leaving the open flame. Light weight, folding resistance. No shrinkage, no molten droplets, that is, no secondary damage to the human body.

For home firefighting, for rapid escape and for responding to initial fires.

Key fire-fighting units such as hospitals, hotels, schools. Covering and isolating flammable and explosive items, such as gas stations, oil trucks, etc.

02 【Advantages】

Advantages: It has high flame retardancy, the limiting oxygen index is greater than 45%, and it has excellent thermal stability. During combustion, the fibers do not melt, soften and shrink, and have no melt droplets. It has good corrosion resistance, chemical resistance and radiation resistance. It has suitable textile processing properties, and the fabric is light, soft and absorbent.

03 【 Application 】

1. High temperature gas filter materials are widely used in the field of smoke and dust filter materials in power plants, metallurgy, steel, carbon black, cement and other industries. Such as: filter bags, etc.

2. Fire-resistant and flame-retardant protective materials - used in the field of fire protection of public transportation facilities such as aircraft, ships, trains, and automobiles. Such as: thermal insulation materials, interior trim, seat covers, etc.

3. Temperature-resistant and fire-resistant protective equipment - used in the field of high-temperature fire-resistant products. Such as: protective clothing, flame retardant tooling, fire blankets, escape blankets, etc.

4, extreme sports outdoor products - used in racing, extreme sports, outdoor products. Such as: racing suits, gloves, tents and other supplies.

5. Flame retardant and fire retardant textile products - flame retardant fabrics used in public places such as hotels, shopping malls, theaters and so on. Such as: textile cloth, curtains, beds, carpets, etc.

6. Insulation material - pre-oxidized felt, the pre-oxidized felt is carbonized to make a carbon-carbon composite material in the photovoltaic industry. It can achieve low ash content, high strength and long service life.

pre-oxidized pan felt.png

04 【Expand Application 】

Aramid pre-oxygen blended yarn is blended by para-aramid and pre-oxygen fiber in a certain proportion. Compared with pure pre-oxygen yarn, it improves the strength of the yarn and enriches the color of the yarn. Improved abrasion resistance and wear characteristics of the yarn. At the same time, the temperature resistance and flame retardant effect is better than that of para-aramid yarn. The general blending ratio is 60/40 50/50 30/70 etc. It can be used as a fabric for fire protection clothing, and the effect is better after being covered with aluminum foil.

Aramid pre-oxygen blended yarn.jpg

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