Product Description

TG-C400 aerogel high temperature coating is a kind of thermal insulation coating with excellent thermal insulation performance that can withstand 400 ℃, which is prepared by compounding SiO2 with nano-pore structure, aerogel powder and inorganic binder system. The coating is a viscous water-based paste slurry, which can be applied by scraping, batching, spraying, etc., and the thick coating construction will not crack.

Product Properties

  1. Good adaptability to special-shaped equipment

    The material is a paste water-based paint with good viscosity. It is suitable for caulking and bonding of thermal insulation of special-shaped equipment such as elbows and valves.

  2. Simple and convenient construction

    The construction is carried out by means of scraping and batching, which requires little construction space and is simple and convenient for construction.

  3. Excellent thermal insulation performance and long service life

    Using inorganic materials as raw materials, adding SiO aerogel material with the best thermal insulation performance at present, it has excellent performance and durability.

  4. Fire and flame retardant

    The overall use of inorganic materials can effectively prevent the spread of fire, and the combustion level is Class A.

  5. Safe and environmentally friendly, friendly to the ecological environment

    The material uses water as a solvent and does not contain volatile harmful substances. The production process and the use process are safe, environmentally

    friendly and non-toxic.

Technical Data

Aerogel high temperature coating technical parameter

Product Application

It is mainly used in industrial high-temperature pipelines and equipment, and is suitable for thermal insulation of valves, flanges and other special-shaped parts and special-shaped equipment, caulking or adhesive in high temperature fields, and anti-scalding of pipeline equipment, so as to solve the "last mile" of thermal insulation. At the same time, it can also be compounded with other water-based system coatings.

aerogel coating application

Construction instructions

(1) During coating construction, the surface of the substrate needs to be pretreated to ensure that the surface of the substrate is free of oil, rust and other particles.

(2) When scraping, the first coating should not exceed 5mm, and the subsequent coating should not exceed 8mm each time until the designed thickness is reached.

(3) After coating, let it dry naturally for two days. It is recommended to dry it at 80°C for 24 hours, which can improve its adhesion.

(4) Please store at room temperature away from light, do not freeze and expose to the sun, and pay attention to sealing in the container after use to avoid drying and curing.

(5) If the coating has a high viscosity or is slightly solidified during construction, it can be diluted by adding an appropriate amount of water and stirring, and the amount of water added should not exceed 10% of the weight of the coating.

(6) It takes 20 hours for the surface layer of the inorganic coating to dry, please allow enough drying time and pay attention to the protection of the finished product.

(7) The high-temperature thermal insulation coating has high viscosity, so please do not dilute it excessively when using it, so as not to affect the construction.

(8) If strong adhesion is required, commercial high-temperature primers can be used to coat first.

(9) If there are requirements for appearance, other water-based coatings can also be applied to the surface of the coated material.

Matters needing attention

Safety protection specifications: aerogel products are environmentally friendly, safe and harmless. However, dust will inevitably appear during transportation and construction. It is recommended to install exhaust and dust removal equipment in places prone to dust. Construction workers wear protective equipment such as dust masks, gloves, and goggles throughout the process to avoid direct contact with skin and eyes. touch.

Transportation and storage: The product is carried out according to the general transportation method, and it should be protected from rain and sunlight during transportation. When the product is stored, keep the package sealed, and ensure that it is dry and ventilated, and avoid direct sunlight. The storage temperature is 5℃~35℃.

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