With the vigorous development of industrial production, people's awareness of paying attention to the working environment and protecting their own safety and health has increased significantly. Among them, the labor protection of hands is an important part. Therefore, in different working environments, it is very important to choose high-performance gloves. Cut-resistant gloves are the final risk control measure to protect hands. There are many industries such as heavy metals, high-rise buildings, various processing and automobile manufacturing in relatively developed cities. They are suitable for extreme mechanical operations, high-cutting risk jobs, steel plate finishing, and metal products All personnel should wear cut-resistant gloves, which not only effectively improve production efficiency, but also reduce the risk factor during operation.

cut protection gloves   

Cut-resistant gloves can be divided into 3 types in terms of material:

The one is metal gloves:

 Its function is to protect the hands from being cut during the operation of cutting machinery. Mainly used in meat processing and extreme mechanical strength operations, high cutting risk workplaces.

The second is cut-resistant gloves with high-strength polyethylene as the core yarn:

 This type of material is more cut-resistant, and ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) is also a good fiber cut-resistant material, which is light in weight and comfortable to use. Palm Dip Cut Resistant Gloves are uncoated on the back and are breathable and comfortable while providing ideal cut protection. Mainly used in auto parts assembly, product packaging, electronics and electrical assembly, light assembly work.

Here we recommend ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) glove core

1. It is woven from PE staple fiber, has excellent sweat-absorbing and moisturizing properties, can keep hands dry, feels like cotton, and is very comfortable. 2.99% of the tests can meet the ANSI A4 /ISO D standard, which is almost the same as A4 gloves on the market The one with the best cost control 3. The color can be customized as heather gray, black, fluorescent yellow, suitable for PU / nitrile / latex rubber surface 4. Mainly used in construction, machinery, automobiles, storage and transportation, glass processing, gardening, etc. industry

The third is cut-resistant gloves mainly made of aramid fiber:

Aramid 1414 (para-aramid) fiber is yellow in primary color, strong, light, flexible, and has excellent abrasion resistance and cut resistance. Aramid fiber is inherently flame retardant and suitable for use in high temperature environments. Kexu KF724 is made of 100% aramid 1414 (para-aramid) fiber, and its primary color is yellow. Soft and comfortable to the touch, breathable and flexible. The performance can reach ANSI A2, EN407 flame retardant level 4, contact heat level 1. Can be worn directly to relieve hand fatigue. Mainly used in automobile, machinery, welding, steel casting and other industries and high temperature working environment.

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